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The modernization of manufacturing facility have been made in 2018.

The line for the production of coffee stirrers and stirrers for vending machines has been launched.

Additional equipment such as die cutting machines, polishing drums were installed, increased the number of ice cream sticks ordering machines, sticks chamfering machines.

It allowed the Company “SILVER BIRCH” to improve quality of products.

Company’s plan is to improve methods of LOGO printing in 2019.


Manufacturing Company “SILVER BIRCH” has begun its way since 2009. Company management decides to extend scope of activity and enter international market. Woodworking production line was started at the “Varibashi” Factory.

New way of activity was opened in 2010 - production of veneer, wooden ice cream sticks, pop sticks, tongue depressors, cosmetic spatulas, chopsticks and flatwares.

Our manufacturing territory is more than 2,5 hectares. The Factory has modern equipment, which provides producing of high quality output, which satisfies the requirements of customers. Personnel with high level of skills work at the factory.

Our company makes production process optimization and checks the quality of output properly constantly.

We are trying to provide individual approach and are taking into account the wishes of customers.
We kindly invite you to cooperate.


Production in our company is based on the principle of completing orders with high quality and within the time limit.

Output is produced on the modern high-tech equipment, which provides the high quality of output in accordance with requirements of customer.

Production capacities allow us to produce 13 million units per day.

Specialists have serious approach to technology of producing the output. Ecological white birch is used as the feedstock.

Output regularly undergoes radiological control.

Special attention is made on observance of moistness of the product. Half-finished product is received from drying cameras with humidity 8 %.

According to requirements of customer, output is processed on the milling machine with dust-removal for chamfering of item.

Then polishing and packing are made.

Geography of delivery

we have a flexible system of shipment of our goods.
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